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Best Free Antivirus for PC Laptop 2020 | Best antivirus for laptop in india 2020 .

List of Top 10 Best Antivirus for PC and laptop In India 2021.

List of Top 10 Best Antivirus for PC and laptop In India 2021.
Best Free Antivirus.

Best Free Antivirus List for PC and Laptop. 

1. Kaspersky Total Security

2. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

3. Avast Pro Antivirus

4. Norton Antivirus

5. BullGuard Antivirus

6. ESET NOD32 Antivirus

7. Panda Security

8. Trend Micro Antivirus

9. Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro

10. G Data Antivirus

Best Free Antivirus for Windows PCs has always been a significant target for hackers looking for new ways to access your data and control your system. From ransomware to file-less attacks and blended malware, there are plenty of threats out there but don’t worry because I am here.
I will share my list of the top 10 best Antivirus for Windows 10
Window now includes the built-in free antivirus called Windows Defender but is it really the best for protecting your PC or even just good enough Windows Defender was originally known as Microsoft Security Essentials back in the Windows 7 days when it was offered as a separate download but now it's built right into Windows 10 operating system and it's enabled by default many people have been trained to believe that it's the best antivirus but that isn't the best solution for placing security problems like ransomware for people who are concerned about their computer security a bit more I made this list for them, where comes the list of the best antivirus for Windows 10 so we start with the number one

1. Kaspersky Total Security Kaspersky Total most complete antivirus software comes as the name implies with total security this suit of the tool is designed as a sweeping safeguard for you and your PC Kaspersky  total security includes a kid safe mode to protect your young ones from inappropriate content and messages a built-in password manager to keep track of all your ever-expanding list and an online backup to keep your files safe selected as the best premium PC security suite on the list of based antivirus for Windows 10 these futures are of course an added bonus to what you'd normally expect out of an antivirus the software you are getting a farewell list to protect against unknown connections adapt anti-malware security to catch viruses before they in fact your PC and anti-phishing protection to help keep your personal information safe if you are willing to pay a little bit for your computer security this antivirus is the best.

 2. BitDefender Antivirus plus it comes with based antivirus protection against threats on windows unbeatable cyber threats detection optimized performance and multi-layer ransom ware protection let me tell you about it in brief Bit defend that is far more consistent antivirus in the antivirus test, for example, has been running its in-depth antivirus test since 2010 and Bit Defender has achieved a hundred percent protection rating in 17 out of the 20 reports produced till date that's important as it suggests big defender products aren't just accurate right now but they are likely to be just as good next month next year and on after that Bit Defender Antivirus Plus combines its excellent score antivirus engine with an array of smart technologies to keep you safe from harm accurate web monitoring detects and blocks malicious links and a scanner alerts you to missing security patches or poorly chosen system settings which could compromise your PC a secure browser prevents malware from snooping on your banking and online shopping transactions and specialist ransomware protection ensures that even if something does penetrate your defense sensitive document will still be safe so that was it about Bit Defender Antivirus Plus and yes if you cannot go for the number one antivirus that is the Kaspersky total security because of its price then you can choose with defender antivirus plus because it comes under a very affordable price.

3. Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast has a great free option that many people take advantage of but this step into their paid section is perfect for anyone who wants a few more tools when it comes to protecting their PC as far as protection goes versed security performed perfectly in the test done by AV test on top of general protection you get a Wi-Fi scanner that detects problem on your network you can create bootable environments for extreme cases and there is a simplistic password manager important information I have created a list of top 10 antiviruses for Windows 10 but if you want the best security for your Windows 10 laptop or computer I highly recommend you to use one of the antiviruses from top 3 of the list for best protection and they are Kaspersky total security,  BitDefender Antivirus Plus and Avast Pro antivirus I have included other antivirus in the least but I would not like to go in details about them because according to my research Kaspersky total security, bit defender Antivirus Plus, and Avast Antivirus performs the best in Windows10 and including their details would make this paragraph huge longer. 

4.  Norton AntiVirus, Norton has been around for a long time so it has consistently improved itself for providing best protection from viruses and malware.

5. BullGuard antivirus when it comes to virus protection bull guard offers great products if you are looking for an antivirus company that you can feel safe and protected with then bull guard is yours antivirus.

6. Eset Not32 antivirus is it is a veteran in the world of antivirus software it is a trusted brand that has won numerous award recognitions and certificates.

7.  Panda security 190 virus has long been a top performer when it comes to malware and malicious URL blocking plus with a new pro future like remote management.

8. Trend Micro antivirus it has top-notch malware protection along with file encryption and shredding in the most expensive tires and it can guard social media privacy.

 9. Quick Heal Antivirus Pro quick hill is an Indian company which develops security software under its own name and produces enterprise offerings under the spirit plant in a good price

10. 10 G data antivirus G Data ants are placing our list of based antivirus for Windows 10 because of its AV test score and awesome security features, if you liked this post give a like and share this among your friends.

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