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Chinese App List Ban in India 2020 | List of Chinese App in India |

52 Chinese App List Ban in India

Hello everyone so today I have something to share with you and I think it's and really important I hope you will read to this, well 2020 has been a year of a lot of news some bitter than reality but the Indo-China dispute has been going on in the past days, we lost dozens of soldier in this dispute, well I don't know but foreseeing something our government has took  some decisions but before talking about that you know you guys may know that in the past months we have been seen something called boycotting Chinese products and other things.  Well I think many of us didn't care about item myself but guys today we have the official support of the government in blocking or refraining some apps which are controlled by the Chinese. A total of 52 Chinese apps are on the Indian Intel agencies radar which I’ve been handed over to the government well the National Security Council Secretariat has also back this recommendation on blocking and discouraging the use of these 52 apps.

Well the concerns of that it's not safe and it may extract a lot of data from your devices which can be used for cyber attacks and spy works well we have here the full list of these 52 apps we got some famous and trending apps you got TikTok, zoom an online platform, Vault-Hide, Vigo Video bigo live, Weibo, share it we got, UC News, UC Browser we got xender club factory because I don't know we got all DU apps, DU browser DU cleaner everything and some things I never got a QQ apps QQ international launchers, Security Centre and all these apps do with Camera, photo, security or cleaning your phone thing all of them sounds like Chinese apps, well we got Clash of Kings, Mi video, Xiaomi parallel space cuz we got a lot of apps, the list is down below.
Chinese App List Ban in India 2020

Friends I seriously recommend you to remove these apps from your devices it’s for your own safety and please share it with your friends and loved ones so they can remove it too but if not then, please Share the list of apps so they can look into it and remove it I personally think that it's the first step in preparing for something worse which may or may not come so that’s it for the day, I hope you liked it please support us.  Guys, I know that lockdown is lifting but please stay home stay safe and most importantly stay awake, see you next time soon.

Here is the list of 52 Chinese Apps  

The 52 Red-Flagged apps

UC Browser
VivaVideo- QU Video Inc
Perfect Corp
DU recorder
YouCam Makeup
DU Browser
DU Cleaner
Clash of Kings
Mail Master
QQ International
QQ Launcher
QQ Music
Wonder Camera
Clean Master
DU apps studio
Vigo Video
Bigo Live
UC News
Photo Wonder
CM Browser
Virus Cleaner
Mi Store
360 Security
DU Privacy
Mi Video call-Xiaomi
Parallel Space
QQ Security Centre
QQ Player
QQ Mail
QQ NewsFeed
Baidu Translate
DU Battery Saver
Baidu Map
ES File Explorer
APUS Browser
Mi Community

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